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This is a nifty fun group where members can post photos of any kind of fantasy-related costumes, related events, and artwork involving the same. As I get suggestions, I'll add links to this page.

Rules: (If you have any input, please contact me)

1. Be courteous! Remember what Thumper's mother said, "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all." Use cut-tags for large or multiple images (though a teaser pic is fine, so long as its work-safe).

2. Post pictures! If you have news, like upcoming events, please post in conjunction with an appropriate picture.

3. No product pictures. We want to see pictures of people in fantasy settings. If you want to attach a note saying that such and such items are for sale, that's fine, but please, no pictures of products laid out on carpets or tables, find a model, or model them yourself!

4. Most importantly, have fun! Take this as an opportunity to post festival pictures, themed party pictures, or just dressing up with friends, going to the park and taking pictures, pictures! Any kind of pictures are allowed, scanned, digital, webcam, even drawings and paintings!

5. Finally, we all understand that some fairies are naughty fairies! Please post any erotic or partially nude pictures as friends only, and place under cut-tags with appropriate warnings. A good rule of thumb for whether or not you should do this is if you'd be embarrassed or upset if your father, mother, sister, or brother saw the picture.